(E) Engineering – is understood by us as a broad and comprehensive attitude to a project, analysis of opportunities and threats arising from it and mainly an outcome to be achieved by it and its adaptation to current and future needs of an Ordering Party. We are active in planning and execution of arrangements made.

(P) Procurement – issues connected with technology, selection of equipment and supply chain management are treated by us as crucial in the process of implementation of environmental protection investments,

(C) Construction – we are demanding to ourselves and to partners, sub-contractors, managing the workmanship phase in an active way, coordinating and analysing progress of works on a constant basis and constantly adapting the execution process to changing condition.

Water and Sewage

Water acquisition, treatment, transport and sewage management are challenges faced by developed systems in the EU and huge needs of export markets on which we operate.

Developed markets are characterised by a wave of optimisation, modernisation of already advanced systems, whereas developing markets on the one hand stand face to face with social pressure arising from increasingly high awareness among and expectations of residents in the area of environmental protection improvement, on the other hand – with legal and formal restrictions arising from international regulations.

We are a credible partner, we design, build and activate e.g. the following:
a) water treatment plants,
b) water and sewer systems, collectors,
c) pumping stations,
d) mechanical and biological sewage treatment plants, with systems for production of biogas and cogeneration.


Minimisation of waste stream brought to a storage site by using advanced recovery technologies on sorting lines, production of biogas from organic fraction used for production of electric energy are the assumptions of projects of modern storage sites/waste management systems.

Just as in the case of Water and Sewage, we work on markets with developed systems for collection and management of waste as well as on those which just take their first steps in this direction.

We cooperate using the best technologies, with the best manufacturers of equipment and lines offering modern solutions, adapted to current and future potential of the waste collection system.

We are a credible partner, we design, build and activate e.g. the following:
a) waste storage sites, with systems for collection of biogas from sectors and cogeneration,
b) segregation lines, taking account of optimisation of the segregation process, offering a possibility to extend the lines in the future,
c) systems of fermentation chambers, managing basic organic fractions and those producing biogas with high qualitative parameters.